There are so many different types of workplace wellness programs, it can be overwhelming deciding what works for your business. At the end of your wellness initiative, the goal is for your employees to think more about their health and make healthier decisions. When you put your employees’ needs at the center of your wellness program, it makes narrowing down your options easier. Here are a few questions to help you figure out what will work best for your company and your employees.

What was the last wellness initiative and how did it go?

If you did something in the past that employees seemed to enjoy, got good feedback or had…

What is Social Wellness?

Humans naturally crave social connection. Familial bonds, close friendships and romantic relationships all play a part in maintaining healthy social connections in our lives. However, social wellbeing expands beyond just our close relationships. Social wellbeing is a sense of belonging to a community and making a contribution to society. It involves the ability to build personal connections with others, deal with conflict and be a part of a positive social network.

Since we spend much of our time at work, how we interact with our co-workers plays a huge role in our social wellbeing. Also, as an employee, your work…

A sense of team or community can make your workplace more fun and effective. A great way to build this is through a company wellness challenge. Here are three ways a wellness challenge can help your team beyond just the physical health benefits.


In a fitness challenge, you want your employees to interact with each other and hold each other accountable for their team and individual fitness goals. Similarly, you want employees to hold each other accountable to do their best work on projects and their day to day tasks. It is important for employees to hold each other accountable…

We are excited to announce the PUML ActivityDrop. We have been working hard to get our users active on PUML, walking, running and moving more and now we are proud to announce we will be rewarding the most active EOS Mainnet users.

We know how important it is to support EOS mainnet and we want to reward the most active users in the last 12 months. We hope to bring these users onto one of the first Mass Adoption Mainnet dapps, PUML Better Health.

Our platform rewards members for being healthy and active by completing physical activity challenges such as…

Do you think of meditation when you hear the word mindfulness? There is a fine line that differentiates the two.

Keeping your mind still without letting it wander for a limited time is known as meditation. Whereas mindfulness simply means being in the present moment, being aware of your surroundings and attending to what’s happening immediately around you.

With the ongoing chaos, it is becoming extremely difficult to focus on one particular thing — be it working from home, cooking, working out, your sleep schedule or your family.

News about the pandemic outbreak, unemployment, death rates and mental health issues…

Not sure where to start with your company’s wellness initiative? Follow this simple plan to start formulating some ideas and get the ball rolling!

1. Survey Your Employees

Before you start any wellness program, it is important to figure out what your goals are. An easy way to do this is to survey your employees’ current wellness. In this survey keep it anonymous and try to keep it short and simple. You can ask questions about their exercise, eating, sleep and stress management habits. …

Having a wellness challenge for your employees is one of the smartest things you can do as an employer. Having happy, healthy employees means they are better equipped to handle their jobs. Here are three big benefits your employees will gain from your wellness initiative.

1. Reduced Stress Levels

Having a company fitness challenge is a great way to reduce your employees’ stress levels. Aerobic activity “reduces levels of the body’s stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol. It also stimulates the production of endorphins, chemicals in the brain that are the body’s natural painkillers and mood elevators” according to Harvard Medical School. Because…

If you are hoping to increase participation in your corporate wellness program, you need to understand how your team members are motivated. Since everyone is motivated in different ways, it’s important to incorporate different types of motivation into your company fitness challenge. We will go over some of the main types of motivation and how to apply them to your company’s fitness challenge.

1. Incentive Motivation

Incentive motivation is when you are motivated to perform a task because of the potential reward or payoff. Incorporate this by having rewards for your challenges that your employees will actually want. Company branded swag is a…

PUML Better Health is glad to announce they have successfully completed the worlds first Blockchain Sports Accelerator in association with New York University and Hype Spin, Tel Aviv. PUML was just one of 10 early-stage blockchain startups that was selected from hundreds of applications around the world.

After completing the Final Bootcamp in Barcelona PUML was selected as a finalist for the full programme. This was a 3 month intense course that included daily checkins, mentoring, weekly workshops and virtual coffees with key industry leaders.

Some of the highlight mentors included working with Bernd Wahler, Ex CMO and VP of…

We are very excited to announce we are officially live on mainnet and actively building on EOSIO.

After recently switching from Ethereum to EOS we began to realise the importance of Governance on blockchain, particularly when delivering a commercial product to commercial businesses.

We believe EOSIO is the platform of choice for real businesses to deliver real products on. The statistics of users on Dapps back up our viewpoint with EOS dominating the rankings for Active Users.

Our first contract has already been developed and was released on EOSIO Software. …

PUML Better Health

Incentivising and rewarding members for active living, protecting health and fitness data on blockchain

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