Blockchain, DAOs and NFTS: PUML CEO Damien King on the Talking HealthTech Podcast

Earlier this year, PUML Better Health Founder and CEO, Damien King, was invited to the Talking HealthTech podcast to discuss blockchain tech’s role in the healthcare sector. On Talking HealthTech, podcast host Peter Birch regularly speaks to healthtech leaders at the forefront of nascent and innovative technology. Since, blockchain has still been somewhat of a mystery to the sector, it was Damien’s delight to lift the curtain.

As a crypto native developer himself, Damien has both a business and tech perspective on blockchain and Web3. He’s been at the forefront of the crypto movement for a decade and leads the charge for blockchain-based healthtech. Before many had even heard of the technology, Damien had been exploring its potential to help inspire the world to move.

Passionate about Ethereum, Damien saw two key features that would revolutionise healthcare:

  1. It would cut out the middle man. No organisation would hold the user data. Users could own it themselves.

3 Key Takeaways

There is a lot to unpack in Damien’s interview with Pete on the Talking HealthTech podcast. We encourage everyone to head over and have a listen.

If you prefer to skip to the highlights, this is what you need to know:

1. Blockchain Powers Incentivisation

Blockchain incentivises networking. As a decentralised system, there is no need for a centralised system. What that means is that users and corporations can come and go from the platform, whilst still enabling individuals to profit from the tokens. Athlete NFTs retain their own value in an external format outside of the PUML platform. Users are valued and rewarded.

2. Move-to-Earn is Revolutionising Health and Wellbeing

It’s not easy to maintain healthy habits. Most of us work at a desk or in jobs that are highly sedentary. Modern life does not encourage us to move. So we have to encourage ourselves. But this is easier said than done.

Move to earn blockchain solutions use gamification for good. Users don’t just get a serotonin hit. They get rewarded with tokens for using the app and at every step as they build a healthy habit. With the PUML coin, users get real financial rewards for completing long-term health challenges that can be exchanged for goods in the PUML marketplace. Alternatively, the coins can be donated to charity and actually go to that charity as a monetary donation.

3. How DAOs are Applied in Healthcare Innovation

DAO stands for Decentralised Autonomous Organisation. These organisations (DAOs) are facilitated through NFT sales. On PUML, this relates to our athlete NFTs. It works like so:

Someone buys an NFT of their favourite athlete (or perhaps they secured the NFT as a reward). That NFT could come with certain utilities such as: access to exclusive challenges, meet and greets with athletes in the metaverse, reward multipliers, or a variety of other utilities. As athletes learn more about NFTs, the world is their oyster to engage more in the possibilities of their NFTs.

What’s particularly interesting about DAOs is the community-building aspect. NFTs built by DAOs can be used as governance tools. Fans (NFT holders) could hold different levels of voting power depending on the NFTs they hold. This allows users to have a say in what the DAO is doing (i.e. product design, new features to implement, etc). Those who love it and engage with it most get to have input on how it develops.

Tune in on Talking HealthTech

The possibilities of decentralised move-to-earn platforms are endless. The potential of blockchain is still being uncovered in different industries. DAOs are allowing the people to build their own decentralised solutions according to their own interests in the platforms they use. The future is exciting and empowering in the web3 world.

Tune in to the podcast to hear more from Damien on the potential of blockchain in health.

About PUML Better Health

PUML Better Health is one of the original Web3, Move-to-Earn, Fitness and Wellness company from Gold Coast, Australia. PUML specialises in the Move-To-Earn industry, where users can get rewarded with their cryptocurrency token $PUMLx on the Ethereum blockchain for completing health challenges such as steps and meditation. PUML successfully launched Move-to-Earn for Corporates in 2021 by signing with major corporations such as Singapore and Malaysia’s Western Union, Deloitte, LVMH and many more.



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