New App Update — Redeem Feature and more.

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3 min readMar 17, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our latest build, which comes packed with exciting new features and improvements to the platform. Along with this new build, we’re launching our Bug Hunter Program for March, which gives users the chance to report bugs and win rewards for their contributions.

Here are some of the new features you can look forward to in this latest build:

  1. New Personal Profile: We’ve revamped the design and functionality of the in-App personal user profiles, allowing users to now explore users completing the same challenge. View their challenge total steps and daily average, give them a follow, message them something nice, view their public posts, or send a tip. We believe this is a step in the right direction to continue improving the social aspects of the App.
  2. New Public Profile: The Public Profile has been improved, allowing users to now view their level, view followers and easily keep track of users that you follow.
  3. Badges and Unique Collectibles: In the user personal profile, you will now notice space for badges and unique collectibles. These are set for release soon, as we continue to build our gamification elements. More information will be released on how these features will impact gameplay soon.
  4. Improved Notifications: We’ve made significant improvements to notifications, including messaging, tipping, and following users, making it easier to stay updated with the latest activities on the platform.
  5. PUMLx Marketplace Redeem: We’re excited to introduce the ability to redeem PUML for PUMLx Marketplace. This will be an intermediary solution while we continue to develop our burning mechanisms. More information will be released shortly explaining this further.
  6. Daily Claim — Goal Setting Functionality for Daily Steps: We’ve added a new daily claim feature that allows users to set goals for their daily steps. This feature does not impact the daily claim rewards.
  7. Switch Connected Wearable: We’ve made it easier for users to switch between connected wearables, giving them more flexibility and control.
  8. New Products in Marketplace: We’re introducing new products in the marketplace, including discounts for major brands and a growing collection of ebooks.
  9. Exit Challenge: Users now have the ability to exit challenges if they choose to.
  10. New Level:: We’ve introduced a new level 5 achievement — “Superstar,” which will be a coveted achievement for dedicated and committed users that will unlock more functionalities in the App as we continue to add more exclusive features.
  11. Profile Rings: We’ve introduced profile rings, where gold is a premium user, and green is for normal users.
  12. Entry Fee Challenges: We have introduced entry fee based challenges, a type of challenge that requires a certain amount of PUML to be paid in order to be part of it. Offering greater rewards, these challenges are more difficult and will get you working harder than ever before.
New Features

To celebrate the launch of the new build, we’re excited to relaunch the user bug search competition! The Bug Hunter Program for March. The rules are simple: only new bugs lodged with the correct PUML App Version for IOS/Android will be accepted, and rewards will be paid to all winners at the start of April. More info on the Bug Hunter HERE.

Let’s get hunting!

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