PUML x AO Artball Airdrop — Phase 1 of Utility Delivery

We recently partnered with the AOmetaverse, the official Web3 arm of the Australian Open, one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world. Alongside projects like Nouns Dao, we aim to bring fans innovative and new experiences through the use of unique digital collectibles. As a project collaborator, we are proud to be involved in the creation of the AO Artball collaborator series.

The AO Artball is a unique NFT collection consisting of 6776 NFTs from the AO22 collection and 2454 NFTs from the AO23 collection, each linked to a specific plot on the court. As matches unfold, the Artball is updated in real-time to showcase the match information, and winning balls are upgraded with icons and holographic stickers to signify their winning status.

This new concept provides tennis fans with a chance to own a piece of the Australian Open, with membership to the Artball providing access to an unprecedented level of tickets from premier tennis, sport, and entertainment events. Additionally, PUML x AO Artball Holders will receive unique rewards ranging from bonus features in the PUML App, airdrops, digital collectibles from leading Web3 projects, and so much more.

We are about to roll out the first phase of the PUML x AO Artball utility by completing an airdrop of $PUMLx tokens to all PUML x AO Artball holders. Other than becoming official holders of $PUMLx, the native governance token of the PUML ecosystem, PUML x AO Artball holders will also receive PUML Premium valued at $50 per year. To access PUML Premium, holders can simply contact PUML support to claim their tokens and unlock a range of exciting new features and benefits such as reward bonuses in the daily claim and access to thousands of exercise videos.

This airdrop is just the beginning of the many exciting opportunities that PUML and the Australian Open have in store for fans and the wider Web3 community.

The partnership between PUML and the Australian Open is a testament to our commitment to providing value to our community. As we continue to grow our Web3 partnerships, we are determined to ensure that utility is delivered in stages, allowing us to provide the best possible user experience for our customers.

Find out more about the AO Artball here.

With the AO Artball, the world of sport has taken a huge leap forward, opening up new possibilities for fan engagement and fan ownership. We are proud to be a part of this groundbreaking initiative and look forward to the impact it will have on the world of sport and beyond.

Incentivising and rewarding members for active living, protecting health and fitness data on blockchain

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Incentivising and rewarding members for active living, protecting health and fitness data on blockchain