The Future of Sport is a Fitness Metaverse

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3 min readNov 2, 2022


The idea of the metaverse to most people conjures up a Facebook (now Meta) vision of hanging out in space as avatars in pixelated environments. Unless you’ve been involved in the space for a while already, that’s the most common depth of knowledge. And that’s understandable. There are many layers that had to come together to make this metaverse vision a possibility. The blockchain. Cryptocurrency. NFTs. Tonnes of developers, entrepreneurs and visionaries. Not to mention science fiction writers dating back long before we even had the internet.

It may seem new, but this concept has been around for a long time, and futurists have predicted the metaverse many moons before Zuckerberg’s name change took it into the mainstream.

What is the metaverse?

While innumerable possibilities are presented through the metaverse, what we’re really talking about is a virtual space. We do everything online these days. The metaverse could be thought of as a digital world designed to make those online experiences more immersive. E.g. rather than shopping online through a traditional web browser, you may want to look through the store like you would in real life. It’s essentially online life simulating real life.

Why would we want that? Imagine you’ve just spent these past few years isolated from your loved ones and the comforts that used to motivate you. What if you could have simulated those experiences online? Not like face timing your family and friends. But being in a virtual world with them where you could actually be productive and inspired?

How does fitness fit into the metaverse?

As humans, we rely on relationships for our survival. Who you hang out with determines how you think and the activities you may engage in. The strength of your relationships is often a direct reflection of your well-being and happiness.

In fitness, community matters.

When we speak to athletes, one of the most common comments they make is the importance of their team members, family members and anyone else who supports and encourages them.

When we download an app or follow a fitness program online, it’s the engagement that has the most impact on the person using it. If you’re doing it alone with no one around to cheer you on, it can be like trying to run through quicksand. It’s not your fault. We need our community to lift us. It’s just how we’re programmed.

The fitness metaverse enables this community sense. It brings depth to the support that fitness influencers and athletes want to give. It creates a space where everyday people can join a like-minded group with whom they can connect and befriend.

Right now, decentralised platforms like PUML are pioneering these ultra engaged groups to improve the fitness experience. Athletes can connect with their fans and drive community programs in ways that weren’t possible online in the past. In the future, through the metaverse, those communities could connect in a simulated environment where they may sit down somewhere for a post-workout hang after a workout class. They could make a club. Set up a studio. Go party with the friends they’ve made. Like in real life, there are more opportunities for those relationships to blossom in the metaverse. This strengthens those communities.

That level of engagement completely transforms the social connectivity we can currently access. Who you engage with influences what you think and what you do. Through the fitness metaverse, you can choose to surround yourself with the kind of people who will inspire you to really lift your physical well-being.

Through the fitness metaverse, it’s not just you trying to lift yourself to better health. It’s a whole community helping to lift each other, simulated in a way that feels much like if all your friends and your favourite athletes teamed up to take on the world.

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