The PUML Game Token

PUMLs in-App Ecosystem is built on Ethereum which rewards players with our in-game token PUML. Users do not have to be crypto natives or understand crypto to get started. Users earn PUML by syncing health data which rewards PUML token from doing activities like walking, running and jogging. PUML tokens are also rewarded for completing wellness challenges and in-app classes.

Once a user has acquired PUML, their in-app experience is transformed. They can burn PUML to participate in challenges, acquire Athlete NFTs, and swap their PUML for items like discounts, coupons for fitness equipment, wearables, gift cards, NFTs, etc.

Users who are more crypto savvy than others may choose to burn their PUML for PUMLx, our utility token. This will allow users to earn by staking, liquidity providing or simply giving them a way to exit the PUML ecosystem. With this in mind, we’ll be incentivising users to stay within the PUML ecosystem with solid PUMLx returns (up to 250% APY) and voting power. We’ve built our staking mechanics with longevity in mind and will be able to keep staking running for up to 7/8 years.

Revenue considerations have been made to ensure we can keep the ecosystem running and have the growth of the company remain consistent. In-app revenue will stem from WearX NFTs, Athlete NFTs, Challenges and Classes (all buyable with fiat or crypto). Ex-app revenue will stem from our proprietary API and Corporate collaboration.

For more information check out the PUML Better Health Website here.

About PUML Better Health

PUML Better Health is one of the original Web3, Move-to-Earn, Fitness and Wellness company from Gold Coast, Australia. PUML specialises in the Move-To-Earn industry, where users can get rewarded with their cryptocurrency token $PUMLx on the Ethereum blockchain for completing health challenges such as steps and meditation.

PUML powers better health for a more fulfilling life. We aim to create future-proof solutions. Our technology is user-friendly, highly engaging, and easy to use. We help organisations save time and cost.



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PUML Better Health

Incentivising and rewarding members for active living, protecting health and fitness data on blockchain