What we’ve learned: Attending Blockchain conferences

Attending conferences is the first integral part of a blockchain business life. For us here at PUML, we see huge value in these events, and we make it a top priority to get out and converse with our peers to learn, network and ensure we have a finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest developments and opportunities arising out of blockchain and the crypto world. As a caveat some of these events do have many service providers selling their wares, but the key is to take a card and move on.

Today you could be at a blockchain conference everyday of the year and still not get to all of them. While the blockchain and crypto space now seems mainstream from an outsider’s perspective, it is still relatively new or undiscovered, with fresh and exciting use cases and developments being announced daily around the world. Attending industry events allows us to stay up to speed in this fast-paced world, so that we can guarantee PUML users the most innovative and up to the minute applications of our technology.

We started this journey in July this year and while on the trail, we’ve been able to absorb a wealth of insight and learnings. We would love to share with you our takeaways from the global blockchain and crypto events we’ve attended so far this year. Without further ado, here they are:

Satoshi United — Singapore — 18th July 2018

Satoshi United labels itself an “unconference”. It is attended by a variety of influential blockchain business people and investors and hosts various non-conference like activities to aid mingling, as well as a variety of speakers to discuss new ideas. Speakers included Evan Luthra and Richard Kastelein, with project CEO’s David Johnson of Latium and Adrian Clarke of Evident Proof pitching and speaking.

Attended by: Adam Samuel and Damien King — Founders

Satoshi United was a smaller more intimate event but one where we gained a steep (and welcome) learning curve on how the event and conference circuit works. While there we were able to meet real project teams who were in the midst of punishing roadshow tours, where they were meeting with interested parties all over South East Asia.

The general consensus was that the appetite for the crowd to participate in projects is less than it was at the start of the year, but good blockchain projects that have real product and domain experience are confident that there is still interest out there, despite the macro, bearish conditions.

It was our first event so we didn’t know what to expect, but were pleasantly surprised in our learnings.

For those interested Satoshi have their next event in Dubai early next week 22–23rd October 2018, which includes another yacht party if you can get a ticket.

Check out their socials for more details:

Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram

Consensus Singapore — Singapore — 19th-20th September 2018

Coordinated by CoinDesk and TechXLR8 Asia, Consensus Singapore drew a crowd of around 8,000 attendees and had more than 70 speakers over two days discussing insights and industry announcements. The format also created a fantastic environment for networking.

Attended by: Damien King — Founder

Consensus Singapore was a great opportunity to re-connect with many of the contacts we had previously met at Satoshi, as well as expand our networks further; which saw Damien jump from one meeting to another. This is a face to face industry right now, where being present and having meetings in person is how real business gets done.

All in all, it was a busy two days but it was a fantastic event for networking, and there were some great connections made.

Delta Summit Malta — Malta — 2–5 October 2018

Malta is leading when it comes to regulating the blockchain and crypto technology. The Delta Summit Malta was created to bring together the major players in the blockchain and crypto world to share the opportunities Malta can offer, as well as what is happening in the space. For their first-ever event, the Delta Summit Malta hosted over 4,000 attendees including enthusiasts, doubters and experts, and they created a unique environment where attendees could discuss insights and share knowledge. The speaking program was excellent with most of the seats taken for every discussion. The event was opened by the Prime Minister of Malta Dr. Joseph Muscatt, who was proud to be associated with leading the way in blockchain regulation.

Attended by: Adam Samuel — Founder & Stephanie Verin — DMO

Delta Summit Malta was a large inaugural event with a fantastic turnout of attendees. While there were a few teething issues, overall the Summit was a great display of how Malta wants to lead the way in Blockchain #blockchainisland. Our advice get there early to register for the event, queuing took 2 hours!

Implementing our learnings from the Singapore conferences, we set our intentions on to trying to get invited to networking dinners that are more intimate and provide a smaller base of interested parties to chat to.

The really striking take away from this event is the sense of community. The group here were very open to sharing experiences and ideas; reminiscent of the early 2000’s web marketing community before it became all “dog eat dog”.

Check out their socials for more details:

Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram

Come to meet us on the conference trail

With our appetite officially whet, we have no intention of slowing down our conference attendance and taking every opportunity to learn, share and network. Thankfully, the industry agrees and has a variety of alluring events still in the calendar for 2018.

We will be out with our networking hats on and eager to meet with any of you also making the trip.

So far, we are confirmed for the following:

Crypto Expo Asia — Singapore — 26th October 2018

Crypto Expo Asia is an expo-forum which expects to bring in around 8000 visitors with varying levels of industry exposure. This event is for building networks between crypto companies and crypto gurus, as well as digging into what the crypto world is all about. There will be exhibitor booths, lounge areas, bars, speakers on stage and workshops being held across the premises.

Check out their socials for more details:

Facebook | Telegram

Malta Blockchain Summit — Malta — 1–2nd November 2018

Malta Blockchain Summit promises to be pretty epic. The Summit will cover talks about potential applications for blockchain, as well as AI, big data, quantum tech and IoT. They’re expecting a crowd of around 5000 and have a whopping 200+ speakers lined up. There will also be a Hackathon and an ICO Pitch with hundreds of investors there to listen.

Check out their socials for more details:

Facebook | Telegram | LinkedIn | Instagram

Beyond Blocks — Bangkok — 26–27th November 2018

Beyond Blocks is a 2000+ attendee event with more than 50 speakers from across the world coming together to discuss the hottest topics in the blockchain industry today.

Check out their socials for more details:

Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram | Youtube |Telegram

If you have plans to attend any of the above conferences, we would love to meet you. Connect with us on Telegram to tee up a meeting.

PUML Telegram

Damien King Telegram

Adam Samuel Telegram

Stephanie Verin Telegram




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